Transphobic / Transphobia

The term ‘transphobia’ describes the prejudices, negative attitudes, stigma, degradation, denial, invisibilization, discrimination, support for discrimination and violence that (binary and non-binary) trans people and, in general, trans realities face. The assumption that being cis is the norm and that trans represents a deviation from it (i.e. cisnormativity) is also transphobic. Specific discrimination against non-binary people is referred to as enbyphobia. 

Note that the suffix ‘-phobia’ in this case is not to be understood as a reference to anxiety. In order to avoid this incorrect association, in German the term ‘transfeindlich’ (trans-hostile) can be used instead of ‘transphobic’.

In many countries, trans people are frequently subject to violence. The project “Trans Respect versus Transphobia” collects statistics and data about murders and acts of violence against trans people, as well as about their social and legal situation in different countries. Among others, they present these data on maps that are available on