Join us!

Join us!

The Network is what we make of it together! There are many ways to get involved in it and to help shape NGVT* NRW. 

Several times a year, we invite trans people in North Rhine-Westphalia to networking activities. During these weekend events that take place in different locations throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, the participants are offered workshops, mutual exchange and discussions over jointly selected topics. The board, the office for trans matters and the work groups keep working on these topics in order to put the participants’ requests into practice.

NGVT* NRW also offers other workshops and activities in addition to the above-mentioned weekend events. The selection of topics depends, among others, on the requests submitted to the board and the office for trans matters during networking events. Besides, everybody is invited to send us their suggestions regarding upcoming activities (e.g. via our contact form). 

Current events are announced on this website, on Facebook and on Instagram. We also have a mailing list via which we send information that can be of special interest for trans people in North Rhine-Westphalia. If you want to be included in the mailing list, please send a request to

Work groups are a key element of our state-wide collaborative work. In these groups, people work together on topics that are a priority for trans people in North Rhine-Westphalia, be it continuously or on an event-driven basis. The groups are self-organised and may, if necessary, be supported by the board. When NGVT* NRW was founded, work groups were established addressing, among others, legal, medical and counselling subjects, non-binary realities and intersectionality (multidimensional discrimination). At the time, these groups are unfortunately no longer active, but efforts are being made to resume their work. New participants are more than welcome. It is also possible to organise new work groups to focus on topics that have not been previously addressed. The board and the office for trans matters will be happy to give assistance, support and advice if you have any questions or requests.

The board of NGVT* welcomes new members. At the moment, one of five seats at the board is vacant. Particularly non-binary people are encouraged to voice their interest. The members of the board will be happy to provide information about the work they carry out. They can be contacted via e-mail ( or using our contact form. 

In addition, we currently plan to establish an advisory committee that will support the board and the network with a variety of perspectives and expertise.